Quadra Signals Review

Quadra Signals is a new Binary Options subscription service. They have actually been offering a free daily signal on their site for close to 2 years. The signals are produced by experienced traders who utilize the signals in their own trading. They use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis when generating the signals. A detailed description of each tip is provided giving the trader a clear understanding as to why they are entering the trade at the suggested target price.

Quadra Signals Offers the Following:

  • Quadra Signals5- 10 Detailed Signals Per Trading Day
  • 10 Day $10 Trial ($97 per month thereafter)
  • Full 60 Day Money back guarantee
  • 78% Success Rate Year to Date
  • Weekly Market Preview
  • Responsive Customer Support

Example of Typical Daily Signal

Asset: EUR/USD Action: CALL Entry Price: Above 1.2480

There also provide a detailed description as to why the analyst chose the entry point for the signal.

Example of explanation for above signal:

EUR/USD: This pair added to the gains it has captured over the last two trading days by climbing just over 65 pips on Wednesday. Concerns about slumping oil prices and Greek political turmoil continued to weigh on the US dollar.

After tracking its upper Bollinger Band higher during the last hours of trading, the EUR/USD is now poised to strengthen even further. As such, activate a CALL binary option, using this pair as its underlying asset, if price soars above 1.2480.


Quadra Signals is an exciting new subscription service. They only recently began charging for the service as they had been offering a free signal for past 2 years and analysts have been trading the full 5 daily signals for their own accounts. They publish a track record for the year to date indicating an accuracy of 78%. They will be increasing their package to 10 daily signals in the near future and claim that any current subscribers will not be charged extra for any increase in signals or software upgrades. In terms of price, reliability and presentation Quadra Signals is one of the best signals services that we have tested.

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