Taxes Trumped By Weak Currency

Canada TaxesIt is not a secret to anyone that there is a housing bubble in Canada, more specifically in Toronto and Vancouver. Many say the housing bubble is driven by wealthy Asian – mainly Chinese – investors looking for a place to park their capital. As a result, both cities have experienced quickly accelerating housing prices that are increasingly keeping locals out of the market. As a result, the government of British Columbia – the province where Vancouver is located – has imposed a foreign buyer tax of 15%. This tax is credited with cooling the market down over the last few months, but it seems its effect is now eroding. read more…

Markets Say Clinton While The Trump Card Spells Volatility Ahead

Trump vs Clinton debatePolitical outcomes have always influenced markets. The presidential election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on September 26th, had a special effect on the markets the following day. It seems that the strengthening of the Mexican Peso and the return of the Dow Jones to positive territory, prove that Clinton won. However this is only one debate, the first of three between the Republican and Democrat nominees. This means that Trump can still get back in the game and the markets will wobble even more.

In fact, until the election is settled on November 8th, these debates and their subsequent polls will put the market through a roller coaster. For market fact checkers out there, there is only one truth: investors can expect a lot of volatility while their political counterparts deal with the lies both Clinton and Trump tell the public. read more…

Colombian Peace Agreement: A Boon To Investors?

 FARC and Colombia peaceIn the shadows of the presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, a ceremony that could have deep economic impact in Latin America, took place in Cartagena, Colombia, just a few hours before the candidates faced off. While the debate may have drawn the attention from the ratification of the peace treaty between the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas, its impact is more significant for long term investments than the outcome of the debate.

The conflict in Colombia has been raging for more than half a century, hindering any prospects of fully fledged economic development in the country. Despite the drag from the conflict, Colombia has managed to economically outgrow many of its neighbors, and create a middle class that proportionally to the country’s population, is second to none in South America. Now, the peace agreement may have unlocked the final piece of the puzzle that can well catapult Colombia to regional economic leadership. read more…

Stocks And Bonds Rally, Yen Strengthens As Fed Keeps Cheap Money Policy

stocks, bonds and yenFor many it was not surprising to hear that the FOMC left the interest rate unchanged at 0.5% on Wednesday. Nevertheless, the markets reacted as if it were a completely unexpected outcome. Stocks and bonds rallied while the Yen and other currencies strengthened against the USD. Even oil surged as a result of the expected plunge in the value of the greenback. However hard Wall Street and investors are partying right now, the truth is that market values are unfairly inflated. This adds to the volatility and the risk in the markets, and it hits exports to the US market to the point where the US economy might even be perceived as growing at the expense of the rest. read more…

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The Binary Options Wolf Den

Binary Options a Scam?The binary options industry has always been an industry dominated by dubious organizations. Just recently we have been seeing more and more efforts to expose the overwhelming amount of scammers that run it. Governmental organizations and financial regulators across the globe have been actively looking for the wolves who are running all the scamming activities. It seems that these wolves are particularly crafty and they have been able to avoid legal sanctions with unparalleled guile. read more…

Financial Markets – Preview for Week Starting 25th September 2016

Major Events of Last Week

Stock market newsGlobal equities finished the week on a high note last Friday incited by growing speculation that the US Federal Reserve will now desist from hiking its benchmark interest rates until this coming December at the very earliest. A prominent Fed spokesperson endorsed this viewpoint by advising that interest rates must be increased gradually since substantial risks still exist that could quickly plunge the US economy into recession, if caution was not adopted. The primary US indices weakened last Friday typified by the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling by 82 points; the S&P500 inching lower by 7 points and the NASDAQ dropping 23 points. read more…

Free Forex Economic Calendar Live

We’re proud to announce the first in our new range of trading tools that we are developing – the TradeOpus economic calendar.

An updated calendar of market announcements is a key tool for any trader in any market. The calendar has options for filtering so that you only need to see the information you’re looking for. The calendar has an easy to use interface and includes filters for:

  • Time and date
  • Markets
  • Expected volatility

We’ve also included a an easy to grab code snippet underneath so that anyone can use it on their own website. Just copy the code and enjoy an automatically updated economic calendar for your visitors.


Santa Effect on Bitcoin?

santa-bitcoinThere is no doubt that 2015 has been full of economic volatility. From the price of oil, to stocks, indices and the economic performance of key countries, it has been a year in which finding a safe haven was an almost impossible mission. From within all the volatility, is seems that one of the best performers was Bitcoin. However, it also dipped after a stark rise in October, but it seems to be picking up steam again towards the year’s end. Maybe it is a kind of ‘Santa Claus Rally’ for a strange mix of investors.
read more…

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