Trump Praises Brexit, Calls For Trade Deal As IMF Upgrades Forecast

IMF BrexitBrexit is dominating the headlines yet again. It seems that Britain’s move to quit the EU has gained the praise of President Elect Trump. Just 5 days before his inauguration, Trump pledged to negotiate and sign a free trade agreement with the UK quickly. This comes as a surprise, since the president elect has been very vocal about his opposition to other trade agreements. This is a considerable prize that the UK might get for its Brexit move, but in the meantime, Britain got other encouraging news from the IMF.
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Natural Gas Prices Rise As Oil Prices Take A Dip

Gas Price SoaringEnergy markets are moving once again. A colder than expected winter hit Europe, so natural gas prices are on the rise as a result of increasing demand. On the other hand, oil prices took a dip as US rig count continues to increase due to the OPEC agreement. It seems that both the natural gas and the oil markets will see more volatility in 2017.

Oil and gas are close substitutes

To reduce exposure to price volatility in both markets, consumers could consider systems that would let them use either oil derivatives or natural gas to produce energy. read more…

Fiat Chrysler And The Auto Industry In The Trump Era

Auto Industry with TrumpA single man and a Twitter account can define the behavior of stock on any given day. President Elect Trump is still not in office, but his tweets seem to have overwhelming power over the markets, particularly the auto industry. 140 characters praising Fiat Chrysler’s decision to invest $1 billion USD in plants in Michigan and Ohio, to create 2,000 jobs, had the pre-market value of the stock up 2% yesterday. On the flip side, a tweet condemning GM imports of Chevy Cruze models into the US from the GM plant in Mexico, elicited a stark Twitter warning. The value of that stock suffered that day. But beyond those tweets, President Elect Trump might also be deriving political capital from decisions that stem from cold hard business analysis. read more…

Will A Carbon Tax Bring Canada Closer To Emission Goals?

Carbon tax in CanadaThe New Year hailed a wide variety of news that will certainly change the economic landscape for years to come. One of them is Alberta’s carbon tax, which is a prelude to the wider federal government initiative to tax emissions all over Canada from 2018 onwards. The tax already changed what used to be conventional wisdom; Alberta no longer has the cheapest gas prices in Canada. But this new tax initiative is also challenging a number of other assumptions that the Canadian government – and other around the world – should study in depth before implementing a Canada-wide carbon tax.

Carbon Taxes in Alberta an Experiment for Canada and the World

Government policy often defies the logic of empirical scientific research. In the case of carbon taxes, governments should be measuring emissions per capital before the tax and after the tax in order to establish if the policy meets the goal of bringing carbon emissions down. read more…

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The Binary Options Wolf Den

Binary Options a Scam?The binary options industry has always been an industry dominated by dubious organizations. Just recently we have been seeing more and more efforts to expose the overwhelming amount of scammers that run it. Governmental organizations and financial regulators across the globe have been actively looking for the wolves who are running all the scamming activities. It seems that these wolves are particularly crafty and they have been able to avoid legal sanctions with unparalleled guile. read more…

Financial Markets – Preview for Week Starting 13th November 2016

Major Events of Last Week

Trump Financial NewsThe event that dominated last week’s proceedings was, without doubt, Donald Trump’s stunning and surprising victory in the US presidential election. As a direct consequence, the Republican Party succeeded in retaining control of both major chambers of Congress. These developments helped initiate a boost in post-election trader sentiment which underpinned fresh strength in global equities and the US Dollar. This positivity arose despite markets voicing concerns about Trump’s unpredictability. Although stock prices plummeted dramatically throughout the election night, a significant recovery resumed as soon as it became evident that a Trump win was a reality. In fact, US equities surged to record levels while the US Dollar strengthened across the board against a basketful of other major currencies. The leading US indices produced mixed reactions last Friday typified by the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbing 41 points; the S&P500 dropping 2 points and the NASDAQ rising by 29 points. read more…

Free Forex Economic Calendar Live

We’re proud to announce the first in our new range of trading tools that we are developing – the TradeOpus economic calendar.

An updated calendar of market announcements is a key tool for any trader in any market. The calendar has options for filtering so that you only need to see the information you’re looking for. The calendar has an easy to use interface and includes filters for:

  • Time and date
  • Markets
  • Expected volatility

We’ve also included a an easy to grab code snippet underneath so that anyone can use it on their own website. Just copy the code and enjoy an automatically updated economic calendar for your visitors.


Santa Effect on Bitcoin?

santa-bitcoinThere is no doubt that 2015 has been full of economic volatility. From the price of oil, to stocks, indices and the economic performance of key countries, it has been a year in which finding a safe haven was an almost impossible mission. From within all the volatility, is seems that one of the best performers was Bitcoin. However, it also dipped after a stark rise in October, but it seems to be picking up steam again towards the year’s end. Maybe it is a kind of ‘Santa Claus Rally’ for a strange mix of investors.
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