24Bulls Scam Review

24bulls scam review24Bulls never did anything outright scammy to us or our traders but they are, in our experience at least, a great example of a broker you just don’t want to deal with.

When trading with a platform you need a broker that is responsive and their to help. Unfortunately 24 Bulls is just not any of these things.

Why 24Bulls is a Scam

  • Customer service was always slow to respond if they responded at all.
  • We had more than a few traders with registration or technical platform problems.
  • When trying to work with them as a marketing partner we were ignored and our emails and questions not answered.
We recommend you do NOT trade with this broker

If you’re looking for a good broker we recommend looking at our reviews of TradeRush reviews or 24Option info. You can also see the complete list of good brokers or check out other brokers to avoid.


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