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While Bitcoin has already made its entrance into the Binary space as a trading asset, there is still a rather small list of traders who utilize the cryptocurrency for its true purpose: as an actual currency. Since brokers began including Bitcoin in their trading platforms it has simply been another option as a tradable currency and has remained fixed in that position. However, Bitcoin enthusiasts would argue that there is so much more to the coin and that it should be used in other ways: to deposit, to trade, etc.

The time has come to further the relationship between binary options trading and Bitcoin.

We have created an incredible exclusive offer to advance the integration of Bitcoins into the binary options space. This is a chance for those who are both new and experienced Bitcoin users to take their coins and earn valuable trading tools in order to help them earn more money.


Here’s how it works:

Pay 6 uBTC and you get a subscription to Quadra Signals’ binary options trading signals for one whole month!

That sound you’re hearing is the Bitcoin enthusiasts gasping at how cheap this deal is.

One of Bitcoin’s unique features is its ability to be broken down to 8 decimal places in order to allow for smaller transactions and the option to stretch each coin further than a dollar or euro. Our offer is for 6 uBTC, or microbitcoins, which is actually 0.000006 BTC or USD 0.00136. Yes you understood that correctly – it’s less than a cent to buy this subscription.

To get this deal, click the button below and a BitPay payment page will come up. Make your Bitcoin payment and you will be redirected to Quadra Signals.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between traders in the binary options world and those who have embraced the cryptocurrency culture. This offer is an excellent way to combine these two worlds and earn yourself some cash with our incredible signals platform.


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