Tradologic trading platform now offers crypto trading on Bitcoin and Litecoin for binary options.

Tradologic has always been innovative with the features they offer on their trading platform and this time it’s their currency assets that get a boost. In an effort to compete with their long standing rival SpotOption, the software provider is going after the exploding cryptocurrency trading market. Over the last year many binary brokers have added Bitcoin trading to their brands but Tradologic has gone a step further by offering both Bitcoin and Litecoin trading.

The move means that some of the world’s largest binary providers, such as Cedar Finance and OptionBit, can now appeal to a new market segment – those cryptocurrency fans looking to profit off the coins’ incredible volatility and market fluctuations.

litecoin bitcoin trading
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Trading LTC and BTC vs USD on the Tradologic platform


Litecoin Bitcoin Trading presents Unique Opportunity

Due to the decentralized nature of the BTC and LTC currencies plus their volatility, there is an almost unprecedented opportunity here for currency traders to benefit from solid technical analysis and to put their trading skills to use. There is also an advantage to trading litecoin over bitcoin in that LTC is not subject to the extreme volatility that has characterised bitcoin over the last few months. Often compared to silver, Litecoin represents a more stable asset and analysis opportunity.

Whether you decide to trade on bitcoin or on litecoin, it’s important to bear in mind that volatility works both ways. The advantage of binary is that there is always a fixed risk and pips don’t matter.


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