BMB option scam broker
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Yet another case of binary options fraud has been reported. One of the binary options brokers that we previously worked with, Benedict and Morris binary option (BMB), has been framed as a scam broker. We have been getting complaints from our readers about this broker via email. Our readers have been reporting that the broker is behaving in a way consistent with the pattern of behavior displayed by scam brokers. Most of the emails basically highlight the fact that BMB is not letting them withdraw their funds. The broker is allegedly using tactics that proven scam brokers use in order to steal their customers’ funds. The sheer volume of complaints has forced us to place BMB – Benedict Morris – on our scam broker list, until it proves that it is not engaging in scams.

The complaints we have gotten come from a wide variety of countries. The stories that these traders tell are strikingly similar. These readers have accused BMB’s support team of denying them withdrawals or stalling them incessantly. Furthermore, some of our readers have complained about their credit-cards being charged without their consent.

We have reached out to BMB (Benedict and Morris binary option), to get an official response. We have so far been unsuccessful in getting one. The binary options industry is, unfortunately, awash with fraudulent broker. That is why we are always one step ahead of the game and we share our knowledge with our readers quickly. Since this kind of Scamming is difficult to identify, we rely on the reports provided by our most trusted readers. We will strive to discover which of the brokers are giving the whole industry a bad reputation, in order to name them and have our readers step away from them.

To replace BMB Option, we suggest you open a trading account through one of our trusted partners on the recommended broker’s list. Please refrain from trading and depositing at your account on BMB at least until the broker comes up with a clear answer and a plan to return all the money it has embezzled.

More updates regarding this situation will follow.  For a list of trust worthy brokers click the button below.


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