Leverate BX8 Trading Platform

After already making a name for itself in the forex trading community, Leverate has now entered the binary options world with its brand new trading platform: Leverate BX8. The platform was unveiled in the past few weeks and is already making a splash with binary options traders for its sleek new design, exciting features and innovative take on binary options trading.

One Click Trading Screen

The main BX8 trading screen provides the trader with a lot of information to help them get started. With a crisp design and clear separate between all of the different numbers and charts, the Leverate trader is very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing to work with. Most prominently featured are the different trading options for the selected asset – providing the trader with an instant grasp on the expiration times for 5/15/30/60 minute trades that can be made with that very asset.

As for the various trading features available on the Leverate BX8 trader, the trader is first presented with the standard call vs. put binary options trade – decided whether an asset’s price will increase or decrease. Next up is 60 second binary options trading, with an expiration time of only one minute. These trades allow the trader to make short, calculated decisions that could work well for an asset that is moving in one general direction at a consistent basis.


WATCH: Leverate BX8 Platform Tour

Another exciting trading feature that Leverate has unveiled with their new platform is the “OneClick Trading” option, which allows traders to pull the trigger on a binary options trade with one simple click of their mouse. For more experienced traders, the idea of OneClick Trading is a very exciting notion – knowing what they know about the market, the assets and the prices, this feature is an excellent tool for getting traders more involved with this new platform. For traders who are newer to binary options trading, the OneClick Trading system is an excellent way to get some experience with trading on the Leverate BX8 platform, with quick and easy trades – especially at a broker like TradeThunder with its excellent demo trading accounts – in order to get acquainted with binary options trading.

60 seconds trade

60 Seconds Trading Screen

It is easy to see just how much effort Leverate has put into creating this new BX8 platform and it looks great. The trader is very easy to use with great color schemes and an excellent interface and should be very enticing to binary options traders. The trading itself is very straightforward, and with the implementation of OneClick trading, binary options traders should enjoy trading with Leverate binary options brands.


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