Panda Platform Review

Panda’s sleek investment software

pandPanda designed a new trading platform and it is nothing short of great. Our staff got the chance to test it on trades of all kinds over a very wide variety of assets. We found out that Panda figured out the best way to balance display simplicity and the complexity of the financial information that the investor needs in order to make the best decision. Panda has one of the most balanced platforms in the market with their RIA Panda Web Trader.
This is a flash based platform that runs on about 99% of any internet enabled computer out there, meaning that users do not have to download it or recur to heavy computer usage on their end to run it. This feature also allows investors to engage in their preferred financial activities from any place in the world on most computers, and the only thing they need is an internet connection. Users will notice that the platform runs so well on all kinds of connections, it will allow them to trade even when they are away.

The clarity with which investment information is presented, far excels the expectations of the industry. Here is a screen shot of one of our tests:Panda trading platform

Notice how clearly the information is presented to the investor. The action buttons are also well placed and there is absolutely no room for mistakes, since all he buttons are clear and well distributed. The graphs and the ticker present the investor with detailed and clear information to act on, at all times. For beginners, this platform will present one the most user friendly interfaces in the market. They will be able to identify which action they should take according to their investment strategy without hesitating. It will also be very easy for them to become familiarized with the more advanced features.panda2

The platform allows users to open multiple trades and manage them all on the same window, one beneath the other. This will help users keep track of as many trades as they want simultaneously. The platform makes it easy for them to multitask and avoid confusing one trade with the other.

The open trade window is also friendly and can be followed instinctively. Once a user has opened a position, the window below will automatically pop up. This allows the user to focus on certain trades more than others, and navigate the whole range of open positions on a highly maneuverable window. All the data necessary will be right there in front of the user.panda3

All these features and the ease of trade on the platform do not come easy. They are the result of highly capable staff and years of experience. Panda has garnered its experience in 9 years of presence in the market, operating in complex markets and marketing its products to very demanding customers. Panda has been in the market since 2007, and has always invested a significant proportion of its earnings in research and development. There is no doubt that their investment has improved user experience on their new platform, and a wide variety of brokers are already taking notice.

Brokers will be quick to adopt this platform, especially because more and more potential users are looking at the Panda platform, reading the reviews and trying it out. Most users have given the platform raving reviews. Users in forums point towards the clarity, quickness and friendliness of the platform as the 3 main features that attract them to the new Panda platform. Brokers that work with other platforms or are considering a change, should definitely look into Panda. It has the potential of increasing their customer base.


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