Binary Options Brokers Who Closed Down

closed down brokersUnfortunately these Binary Options Brokers are no longer in business. We’ve added this section to keep track of the
“dead brokers”, those brokers that are no longer around.

Here is the list of the shut down brokers that we’ve identified so far:

Before making a decision where to trade, remember that there are brokers that have robust client bases, high quality customer service and operate with top grade trading platforms. Some of them have introduced innovative trading options and are sure to be around for quite some time.

Unfortunately for investors, no one can guarantee that a given broker will survive the harsh competition in the market. Bear in mind that spot option brokers are not different from any other business, and even the most well established brands are constantly competing to offer clients better services to increase their market share. This is what makes brokers successful, but even successful brokers can decline.

So what is your safest bet? First and foremost, do your research before you open an account. Remember to check if the broker might be a scam. Always look for online reviews and make sure you become well acquainted with the brokers before you invest. Check our list of approved brokers for up to date information on brokers that we have reviewed.

We will keep on monitoring the market and updating our information on brokers that have closed down. For the latest information on brokers, binary and other financial news, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.


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