SpotOption Forex Trading Platform
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SpotOption has developed a new trading feature for its white label Binary Options brokers. The Forex trading tool combines aspects of Forex trading together with the “all or none” simple Binary Options style of trading.  The Forex feature allows you to select an investment amount which is a percentage of the contract size of a particular currency pair, commodity or index. Your loss and profit amount is set from the outset. So if your initial investment is $25 you can’t lose more or win less than $25. Option expires at the end of the trading day. The option will also be closed if you reach your maximum profit or loss amount. You can also sell or close the position at any point to collect any existing profit or to prevent any further loss. Another feature allows you to update the investment amount while the position is still open.

The first Spot broker to implement the new Forex feature is BigOption.  After doing some initial testing of the new feature on the BigOption platform I find that it is an exciting addition for Binary Options traders. It affords you the opportunity to  mimic the purchase of a  Forex or Commodity contract and manage your potential profit or loss. Although your profit amount is limited on any trade, your risk is also limited to your investment amount.

A detailed description of the Forex trading tool will be forthcoming in the coming days. In the meantime you can check out the new feature at BigOption.

To Visit BigOption and view the new Forex Feature Click Here>>

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