YouTube is not only a great source for entertainment where one can upload all types of personal videos as well as music videos, movie and television scenes, it has become a major How To solution for many people. 

You can search YouTube and find a demonstration video for almost any area. I have personally used a YouTube video to install a new keyboard on my laptop and to fix one of the toilets in my house. I even contemplated using YouTube to replace the brakes on my car before I came to my senses. 

YouTube can also be a great resource for Binary Options trading, The problem is trying to sort through all the thousands of search results to find the videos that can actually help. There are four main types of Binary Options videos.

Get Rich Quick Binary Options Promo Videos 

In a previous post we discussed how these Binary Options money making career schemes do a great disservice to the industry. Unfortunately, there are many videos of this type on YouTube that have all kinds of flash, but little substance. It's probably best to avoid these videos.

Binary Options Scam Videos

These videos talk about how horrible Binary Options trading is and usually direct the viewer to a different type of trading such as Forex. These are also difficult to take seriously as they are bashing Binary to promote something else.

Information Videos on Brokers and Trading Features 

These videos are generally informative just highlighting the different platforms or how to execute trades. We produced a popular 60 Second Binary options video for this purpose. 








Binary Options YouTube Trading Strategies

This category has the potential to provide the greatest benefit to Binary Options traders. In my experience there are 2 excellent Binary Options YouTube sources for comprehensive trading strategies. One source is Brian at the Financial Trading School and the Happy FXer. Both YouTube channels provide a wide array of trades which are explained in detail. 

These are just a couple of the many Binary Options strategy providers on YouTube. It is best to search for the strategies which suit your trading style and comfort level. Of course it is always ideal to test out a trading strategy with a free Binary Options demo account before risking your own capital.  

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