Update: Global Trader 365 no longer offer a free unlimited demo account.

Demo accounts are available for 24 hours only, after which you need to deposit to keep it active. Minimum deposit is $200 and demo accounts can stay open as long as your live account is funded.

To get a demo account without the need to deposit we recommend getting a MarketsWorld demo .


In a previous post I discussed the importance of a Binary Options demo account. I have also broken down the different types of demo accounts which are offered by different brokers. Most Binary Options brokers don’t offer a demo account. They claim that trading in a demo account is so unlike real trading that it really has no value. I agree with this to a point. It is true that the emotional experience of trading with your own money on the line is much different than trading in a demo account. It is crucial, though, to be able to familiarize yourself with the trading platform and to test certain trading strategies. A demo account allows you to do both of these.

Of the brokers that do offer a demo account most either activate it after you make a deposit and limit it based on time and how much free money you can trade with.

GlobalTrader365 Offers Free Demo Account With No Restrictions

GlobalTrader365 is one of the only brokers that offer a demo account before you deposit any funds. Technically  they limit the account to 2 days of trading, but generally they will let you extend the account until you decide that you are ready to make a deposit and begin live trading or that binary options trading is not for you.

The GlobalTrader365 demo account provides you with a huge advantage if you are just starting out in Binary Options trading. It also gives people who may be interested in testing out the GlobalTrader platform a chance to do so without risking any capital.


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