Heat Signatures is a unique signal system developed by by Ioption in conjunction with Faunus Analytics. The heat signatures not only advise which direction you should place a trade, but it also provides a ranking from 1-10 regarding the confidence level of the signal.

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Traders who open VIP accounts with Ioption gain access to customization allowing you to personalize your signals based on asset class, level of reliability and expiration time.  Regular account holders receive the standard heat signatures. Up to 4 signals come to your email per day. Ioption provides historical results on their website to give you a feel for past performance.

Heat Signatures is another example of the Ioption philosophy to try and provide their traders with the assistance they need to become profitable traders. They have been at the forefront in terms of providing legitimate trading strategies and a wealth of educational material including live Webinars.

They are the first broker to offer a free automated signal system which provides positive results. It is important for traders to take advantage of every opportunity to gain an edge in trading. Signals alone can help you to become profitable providing you have the discipline to follow the signals that are provided.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the Ioption Heat Signatures as an important tool in your arsenal to become a profitable trader.


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