Ultramarkets has introduced the newest Binary Options trading feature called the Pending Order Tool. This tool allows traders to enter specific order criteria and the trading platform executes the trades automatically when the parameters are met. This is very similar to limit orders which are standard on most other types of trading platforms.


An an example if a trader wants to execute a EUR/USD CALL option when the the price goes above 1.25 he can now do so without having to check the price all day. He simply places a pending order for the day for EUR/USD to execute a CALL option when the price goes above 1.25. The platform will then automatically execute the trade when the target price is reached.

There are many strategies which are dependent on an asset reaching a certain price point before the trade is executed. This tool allows traders to implement these strategies in a simple and efficient manner.

Ultramarkets has recently relaunched its trading platform. It has new owners, management, platform design and is now CySEC regulated. They now place an emphasis on customer service, advanced trading tools and training.

Ultramarkets is offering the following special promotion:

  • Access to Pending Order Tool
  • Subscription to Technical and Fundamental Analysis Webinars
  • Access to Advancd Charts
  • Live Trading Sessions Upon Completion of Webinar Series

Free Access to all of the above is generally only provided for depositors of $5000 or more.

For this promotion full access is granted for those who make a minimum deposit of only $250.

To Sign Up to Ultramarkets and Gain Access to the Pending Order Tool Click Here>>

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